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Tradeoff Details

This read-only worksheet complements the Tradeoff Analysis worksheet, allowing the user to explore the solution options from the perspectives of the quality characteristics and sub-characteristics in detail.

The whole quality model is represented here, with a row for each sub-characteristic, plus one to summarise each characteristic. The quality model is defined in the References worksheet, and allows for up to 25 sub-characteristics for each of up to 10 characteristics. The worksheet therefore has to allow 26 rows for each characteristic and, depending on the quality model, many of these rows may be blank.

To make the worksheet readable, a filter is applied to column A. This can be used to remove blank rows, making the worksheet readable. If you change the quality model, you will need to reapply the filter – simply edit the filter to clear it and then select it again to choose only those that have “DATA”. This will remove all blank rows and collapse the worksheet so that it has a readable table.

The representational format is the same in this worksheet as that used in the Tradeoff Analysis worksheet. The Trade-off Analysis article in the User Guide explains how to interpret the mix of numbers and colours that are shown for each sub-characteristic / solution option combination.

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