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Q. Can I use the SARM approach and spreadsheet for commercial purposes?

A. Yes, for full details of the software licence agreement, see here.

Q. How can I translate the SARM spreadsheet into another language?

A. Most of the words used in the spreadsheet are ‘soft-coded’.  They are located on the ‘References’ tab, which you can unlock and change to better suit your needs.  There will still be some words left on individual tabs that need changing, and these can also be unlocked and updated easily.

Q. Can I use the SARM spreadsheet tool wihout macros?

A. Yes you can.  Macros are only used on one worksheet in the New SARM spreadshet tool (and not at all in earlier versions), and their use is purely cosmetic, to automatically hide or reveal empty rows.  This is related to the quality model.  If you have a standard qualiy model that you don’t change, you could disable macros and edit the Tradeoff Details worksheet to remove the empty rows manually, aligning that worksheet precisely to the quality model that is defined in the References worksheet.  But if you change the quality model there, you will have to make manual changes to Tradeoff Details to realign them.

Q. Where did SARM come from?

A. You can read more about its origins here.

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