SARM 9.0 released

A new version of the SARM spreadsheet tool! The core functionality remains unchanged, but we’ve changed some of the terminology to make it clearer and easier to use, made it easier to accommodate other quality models and, most noticeably, removed the reliance on a stakeholder model.

The reason for this last change is that, whilst the Mitchell, Agle and Wood model is great tool for managing stakeholders, it did not add much value to SARM. It classifies stakeholders according to 7 different classes. SARM focuses on the 15 most significant stakeholders, so the benefit of abstracting from a maximum of 15 stakeholders to 7 classes was negligible. But the value of seeing trade-off analysis from stakeholder perspectives remains huge, and is still a key distinguishing feature of SARM. It is now just a bit easier to either include, or exclude, stakeholder perspectives in your analysis.

For details of the changes, see here. To download version 9.0, go here.

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